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The present invention generally provides an inexpensive method for drilling a multilateral wellbore where the pressure exerted on a formation of interest by a column of drilling fluid may be controlled. In one aspect, a method for drilling a lateral wellbore from a main wellbore is provided, including running a string of casing with an injection line connected thereto into the main wellbore, wherein the injection line is disposed along an outer side of the casing and a portion of the casing corresponding to a starting depth of the lateral wellbore is made from a drillable material; running a drillstring through the casing to the starting depth of the lateral wellbore, wherein th e drillstring comprises a drill bit; injecting drilling fluid through the drill sting; and injecting a second fluid, having a density less than that of the drilling fluid, through the injection line at a rate corresponding to an injection rate of the drilling fluid to control hydrostatic pressure exerted by a column of the drilling fluid and the second fluid returning through the casing.
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