• SASPG is the strongest professional vessel head producer in Southwest China and has the largest product ranges.The company has imported from Italy ..

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  • The company is the integration of design, manufacture, erection and commissioning for instrument and electric automation. The products of the compa..

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  • Höegh LNG announced that it has entered into agreements with major contractors and formally started the engineering and design for its first L..

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  • The key to our success has been Air Products' MCR® liquefaction process and the MCR® cryogenic heat exchanger (MCHE). Air Products'..

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  • Two LNG concepts have won an Approval in Principal from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). One is a novel concept from ABB Lummus Global (ABB) ..

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  • LNG is an acronym for Liquefied Natural Gas. All of the processes to produce LNG are based on a common concept cool the natural gas down to a tempe..

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