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摘要LNG以其所占空间小、运输灵活、热值大、性能高在近几年发展迅速,特别在我国沿海城市多个LNG接收站已经或计划建造。LNG的气液临界温度为-162℃,低温特性决定了其具有高品质冷能的利用价值,通过对LNG冷能利用原理的阐述,并比较在空气分离、低温发电、冷冻仓库、橡胶粉碎等方向的冷能利用方式,指出了我国在LNG冷能利用上所具有的巨大潜力和广阔前景。LNG has obtained rapid development in recent years because of its small occupied space, flexible transportation, high calorific value and high performance. Especially multiple LNG terminals have been built or planned in China's coastal cities. LNG gas-liquid critical temperature is -162℃. Low-temperature characteristics determine its use value of high-quality cold energy. In this paper, LNG cold energy utilization principle was explained, and utilization patterns of the cold energy were compared, such as air separation, cryogenic power generation, refrigeration warehouses, rubber grinding and so on. At last, enormous potential of LNG cold energy utilization in our country was pointed out.
出处《当代化工》 CAS 2014年第11期2262-2264,共3页Contemporary Chemical Industry
关键词LNG 冷能利用 空气分离 低温发电 橡胶粉碎LNG cold energy utilization air separation cryogenic power generation rubber grinding

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