网站介绍Website introduction

Liquefied Natural gas (LNG) website ( was founded in 2007, as a well-known website in the domestic LNG industry, relying on the leading team of technical experts in the cryogenic industry, to provide advanced cryogenic process overall solutions and quality engineering services for domestic and foreign customers;


Through advanced professional technology and modern information means, we serve all aspects of the industrial chain of liquefied natural gas, coal chemical industry, air separation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and promote clean energy to enter all fields of society faster and wider.


The company has advanced conventional natural gas liquefaction technology, unconventional natural gas liquefaction  technology,   cryogenic  separation technology,  olefin cryogenic separation technology, industrial exhaust gas recovery technology,  rare gas recovery technology, carbon dioxide capture technology, biogas separation technology, air separation technology, cold energy utilization technology and other core patented technologies, to provide customers with the following services:


(1) Provide project market research and feasibility study report services according to customer needs;


(2) Provide complete process package design services for the project according to the air source conditions;


(3) Assist customers in the procurement and supply of key equipment;


(4) Provide project management and device debugging operation guidance services according to the project schedule;


(5) Provide professional technical training services for enterprise operators;


(6) To provide customers with energy-saving optimization services;


(7) To provide customers with operation and maintenance and spare parts supply services;


(8) Provide online sales services for customer service products.


In the past 10 years, adhering to the development concept of "integrity, responsibility and efficient cooperation", we have provided advanced cryogenic technology overall solutions and high-quality engineering services for more than 100 sets of engineering projects at home and abroad, promoted the development of new models of cryogenic industry, led the innovation and development of new energy environmental protection and energy-saving technology, and created a green world!

在过去的10余年内,秉承 “ 诚信负责、高效合作” 的发展理念,先后为国内外100余套工程项目提供先进的深冷技术整体解决方案和优质的工程服务,促进深冷行业发展新模式,引领新能源环保节能技术的创新与发展,打造绿色世界!