30000 m^3单容双壁LNG储罐施工技术
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摘要:摘要LNG储罐作为LNG的陆上储存设备,属常压、低温大型储罐,通常为平底、双壁圆柱形,主要分为单容罐、双容罐及全容罐。单容式储罐投资相对较低、施工周期短,但容易泄漏,其制作、安装技术显得尤为重要。现以湖北某5×10~6m^3/d LNG工厂国产化示范工程30 000 m^3LNG储罐..

摘要LNG储罐作为LNG的陆上储存设备,属常压、低温大型储罐,通常为平底、双壁圆柱形,主要分为单容罐、双容罐及全容罐。单容式储罐投资相对较低、施工周期短,但容易泄漏,其制作、安装技术显得尤为重要。现以湖北某5×10~6m^3/d LNG工厂国产化示范工程30 000 m^3LNG储罐为例,从储罐的结构、安装、焊接、保冷、水压/气压试验等方面对其施工技术进行阐述。As a piece of onshore LNG storage equipment,LNG storage tank is a large-scale low-temperature atmospheric storage tank. Usually it is flat and double-walled cylindrical tank. It is mainly divided into single containment tank,double containment tank and full containment tank. Single containment tank has relatively low investment and short construction period,but it tends to leak, so its production and installation technologies are particularly important. This article takes the 30,000 m3 LNG tank in the 5 million m3/ d LNG plant in Hubei as an example to discuss the technologies for the construction of the 30 000 m3 LNG tank from the aspects of the structure, welding, installation, cold insulation and hydraulic / pneumatic test of the storage tank.
出处《乙烯工业》 CAS 2015年第1期43-46,共4页Ethylene Industry
关键词LNG 单容双壁 储罐 安装 焊接 保冷 水压/气压试验LNG Double-walled single containment Tank Installation Welding Cold insulation Hydraulic / pneumatic test

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