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摘要根据LNG接气站冷量能级的特点,分析了LNG冷能用于冷库的实现形式,比较了LNG接气站冷能冷库的不同系统流程及特点。在某LNG接气站供气规模为每年4×107m3,LNG冷量回收率为33%等假设条件下,分析了第三种工艺流程的技术经济性。结果表明:该方案下的接气站冷能冷库系统的年冷量收益为611.3万元,系统运行费用较低,投资回收期小于1年,具有明显的经济效益。According to the energy-level features of cold energy from gasification station,not only the mode of utilizing such cold energy at refrigerated warehouse was analyzed,but also the various system process flow and corresponding features of such cold stores was compared in this paper.Under certain assumed conditions,the technological and economic analysis of the third flow mode was made by taking a gasification station with the gas supplying capability of 4×107 m3 per year as an example.Results indicate that under a 33% cold energy reclaim ratio of the refrigerated warehouse,the annual profit from available reclaimed cold energy of the gasification station is 6.113 million CNY,and the operation cost of the refrigerated warehouse under this mode is low.Therefore its payback period is no more than a year and economic benefits significant.
出处《化工学报》 EI CAS CSCD 北大核心 2010年第S2期147-151,共5页CIESC Journal
基金福建省自然科学基金项目(2010J01301) 福建省科技创新平台项目(2009H2006)~~
关键词LNG 冷能冷库 流程比较 经济性分析LNG cold energy refrigerated warehouse system process flow comparison economic analysis

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