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摘要:摘要: 针对LNG扩建项目,提出了火炬系统(包括管网和火炬头)的改造与设计思路。首先确定新增泄放源,计算扩建后需要的火炬处理能力,再通过火炬头专业计算软件Flaresim校核原火炬头马赫数、热辐射范围、噪音范围、安全间距等是否满足规范要求;对于火炬管网采用Aspen Fla..


摘要: 针对LNG扩建项目,提出了火炬系统(包括管网和火炬头)的改造与设计思路。首先确定新增泄放源,计算扩建后需要的火炬处理能力,再通过火炬头专业计算软件Flaresim校核原火炬头马赫数、热辐射范围、噪音范围、安全间距等是否满足规范要求;对于火炬管网采用Aspen Flare System Analyzer软件进行全厂管网核算,主要包括新增BOG总管的管路尺寸选择、原有管路的尺寸核算。该火炬系统整体设计思路已经在施工图设计中成功采用,可为LNG项目的扩建工程设计提供参考。

Aiming at the LNG expansion project, the ideas of transformation and design of flare syste

m (including pipe network and flare head) are put forward. Firstly, the new drain source is determined, and the torch handling capacity required after expansion is calculated. Then, the professional calculation software Flaresim is used to check whether the Mach number, thermal radiation range, noise range and safety distance of the original torch head meet the requirements of the specification. Aspen Flare System Analyzer software is used to calculate the pipe network of the whole plant, which mainly includes the pipe size selection of the new BOG main pipe and the size calculation of the original pipe. The overall design idea of the torch system has been successfully adopted in the construction drawing design, which can provide a reference for the expansion engineering design of LNG projects.

作者: 鹿晓斌   张芹   王江涛

Lu Xiaobin   Zhang Qin  Wang Jiangtao


机构地区: 中海油石化工程有限公司,山东济南250101山东鸿运工程设计有限公司,山东济南250101

Cnooc Petrochemical Engineering Co., LTD., Jinan 250101, China Shandong Hongyun Engineering Design Co., LTD., Jinan 250101, China

出处:《天然气化工—C1化学与化工》北大核心 2018年第43卷第1期


《Natural Gas Chemical Industry - C1 Chemistry and Chemical Industry》 Peking University Core 2018, Vol. 43, No. 1




Heat radiation range of torch head of LNG torch pipeline network


TE6[Industrial Technology - Oil and Gas industry]TE8[Industrial Technology - Oil and Gas industry]


0820[Aerospace - Engineering]08[Engineering]0817[Light Industry - Engineering]

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