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摘要为提高LNG储罐的安全性,某国产化示范LNG工厂项目在LNG储罐上设置罐表系统,包括:3套表面热电阻对LNG储罐的预冷和泄漏进行检测;2套平均温度计对LNG储罐内气相和液相平均温度进行检测;3套压力变送器对LNG储罐的压力进行控制;1套雷达液位计和2套伺服液位计对LNG储罐的液位进行控制;1套液位-温度-密度计(LTD)及翻滚预测软件对LNG储罐翻滚进行预测。罐表系统对LNG储罐进行全方位的监视,确保了LNG储罐的安全、平稳运行,提高了LNG储罐的自动控制水平。In order to improve the safety of LNG storage tanks,a Tank Management System is set in a domestic demonstration LNG Plant project,including:three sets of surface thermal resistance for the pre-cooling and leak detecting of LNG storage tank;two sets of average thermometer to detect the average temperature of gas and liquid in tank;three pressure transmitters for LNG tank pressure controlling;one radar level transmitter and two Servo level gauges for LNG tank level controlling;one level-temperature-density integrated transmitter(LTD)and a roll-over prediction software used for LNG storage tanks roll-over predicting.The Tank Management System provide an all-round monitoring of LNG tank,ensuring it runs safely and smoothly,thus increasing the automation level of LNG storage tank.
作者熊劲Xiong Jin(China Petroleum Engineering&Construction Corp.,Southwest Company,Chengdu,610041,China)
出处《仪器仪表用户》 2018年第9期51-54,共4页Instrumentation
关键词LNG 储罐 罐表系统 控制方案 翻滚LNG tank tank management system control philosophy roll-over

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