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摘要对DR检测、脉冲涡流检测、阵列涡流检测和超声导波检测在LNG低温管道无损探伤中的适应性进行研究,实验发现,4种检测方法对于不同管径和保温层厚度的低温管道具有不同的缺陷检验效果,结果可为低温环境中特种设备的检测提供指导,及早排除安全隐患,保障其安全运行。In this paper,the DR testing,pulse eddy current testing,array eddy current testing,ultrasonic guided wave testing and other non-destructive testing methods were employed to investigate adaptability of LNG pipeline testing in low temperature environments.The experimental result show that,regarding the cryogenic pipelines with different diameters and insulation thicknesses,the above-said testing methods have different inspection effects respectively and they can provide guidance for the inspection of special equipment in low-temperature environments while eliminating potential safety hazards as soon as possible and ensuring their safe operation.
作者吴斌 张皓 张大伟 李乐明 刘通 刘振东 贠智强 刘泽源WU Bin;ZHANG Hao;ZHANG Da-wei;LI Le-ming;LIU Tong;LIU Zhen-dong;YUN Zhi-qiang;LIU Ze-yuan(Sinopec Qingdao LNG Co.,Ltd.;Shandong Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute Co.,Ltd.)
出处《化工机械》 CAS 2023年第1期26-31,共6页Chemical Engineering & Machinery
关键词低温管道 无损检测 适应性分析 LNG 接收站cryogenic pipeline NDT adaptability analysis LNG receiving station

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