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摘要高锰奥氏体钢材料是目前备受关注的降低LNG装备生产成本的新型材料,分析高锰奥氏体钢在船用LNG储罐中应用的技术问题,介绍国外根据化学成分和力学性能等基本要求采用的比较研究方法,在应力应变曲线、冲击值、CTOD值、疲劳裂纹扩展速率、热膨胀率等方面与9Ni、STS304等传统材料进行对比分析,总结国外采用高锰奥氏体钢制造LNG储罐方面的经验,介绍国内在钢材生产、配套焊材和工艺研究以及生产应用等方面的研究情况,针对高锰奥氏体钢应用方面的焦点问题,从评估标准和衡准、基础研究数据、配套焊接材料和工艺及工程实践应用等方面进行讨论,提出一定的解决思路,总结高锰奥氏体钢的应用前景和发展机遇,为其进一步应用研究提供思路和借鉴。High manganese austenitic steel is a new material which can reduce the production cost of LNG equipment.The technical problems of high manganese austenitic steel in marine LNG storage tank are analyzed.The comparative research methods adopted in foreign countries according to the basic requirements of chemical composition and mechanical properties are introduced.The stress-strain curve,impact value,CTOD value,fatigue crack growth rate,and the stress-strain curve,impact value,CTOD value,fatigue crack growth rate are introduced.The thermal expansion rate is compared with traditional materials such as 9Ni and sts304.The experience of LNG tank made of high manganese austenitic steel is summarized.The research situation of domestic steel production,supporting welding materials and process research and production application are introduced.In view of the focus of application of high manganese austenitic steel,the eva luation standard and balance,basic research data are introduced.The paper discusses the supporting welding materials,technology and engineering practice,puts forward some solutions,summarizes the application prospect and development opportunities of high manganese austenitic steel,and provides reference for further application research.
作者孙淑侠SUN Shu-xia(Wuhan Institute of Shipbuilding Technology,Wuhan 430050,China)
出处《武汉船舶职业技术学院学报》 2021年第4期144-148,152,共6页Journal of Wuhan Institute of Shipbuilding Technology
关键词LNG 高锰奥氏体钢 应用 比较分析LNG high manganese austenitic steel application comparative analysis

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