• Energy Performance Contracting (internationally abbreviated to EPC, while widely referred to as EMC in China) is a new market-based energy-saving m..

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  • Main Sizes50~120000Nm3/h Air Separation Plants; 50~40000Nm3/h High-purity Nitrogen Air Separation Plants; 100~1000TPD Oxygen and Nitrogen Liquefac..

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  • Malaysian national oil company Petronas says it expects to spend up to $16 billion to build a liquefied natural gas export facility in western Cana..

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  • Customer: LNG MarineServices Provided􀁺 Conceptual Design􀁺 Process Design􀁺 Basic Engineering􀁺 Cost EstimationBen..

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  • China's Liquefied Natural Gas Production Plant for Beihai XinAo Gas Company, Ltd. Built by Kryopak, Inc. New Braunfels Texas (2005-2006) (Xinao..

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  • This course will provide an extensive two-day training on gas liquefaction technology, including LNG characteristics and safety, LNG plant overview..

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  • Gas adsorption is an energetically attractive altermative to distillation for a number of industrical separations, but its effcuency can be impaire..

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  • Drawn from the author's forty years of field experience, the Industrial Gas Handbook: Gas Separation and Purification presents valuable informa..

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