• As a share-holding company of SASPG, the Cryogenic Engineering & Erection Co., Ltd has obtained the qualification of Mechanical and Electrical ..

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  • Turbo-ExpandersIn 1976, SASPG was appointed by the China central government to research and develop the turbo-expander unit for natural gas liquefa..

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  • design and manufacturing in China. The vacuum brazing furnace in SASPG is the largest in the world. The advanced brazing technology and accurate co..

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  • SASPG attaches equal importance to equipment sale and industrial gas sale. SASPG is the first one to explore the industrial gas market among the co..

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  • Pipelines - Gulf Coast as shown in fig.1Pipelines - West Coast  as shown in fig.2Natural Gas Storage in the U.S. as shown in fig.3 fig.1 Pipel..

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  • Background:     It is estimated that by 2020 gas will supply about 25% of the global energy demand and with the benefit of being a relati..

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